Lucy Booth.jpg

The Lucy Van Pelt Psychiatry booth

Throughout 2016, tension seemed to build throughout the country. That tension came to a head in November and since then, many people have commented on a weight that has fallen on their shoulders and minds. Some have said the political turmoil occupies their minds throughout the day and often prevents them from sleeping soundly at night. People needed (and continue to need) an opportunity to let it out.

The Lucy Van Pelt psychiatry booth was created to provide people with an outlet in the form of a familiar, comfortable vehicle from our collective childhood. But what started out as something to let out their political frustrations became something much more. 

The "Lucys" who worked the booth heard a wide range of emotions and concerns, from the intended political venting to relationship issues to very personal matters that were well above Lucy's 5¢ pay grade. An elderly couple spoke of their need of cannabis oil for the wife's tremors; a woman spoke of her recent homelessness, her addiction, her history of abuse and her suicidal feelings; another woman simply sat down and said, "I'm scared I'm going to die in a nuclear war."

Many passersby took photos, warmed by a past holiday memory; others stood from their interaction teary-eyed, experiencing a kind of catharsis. Everyone involved in the project left the experience with a profound sense of accomplishment and gratification.

The Lucy Booth is an ongoing experiential piece that will continue to pop-up throughout LA.